The eCommerce industry is complex.

Finding the right partner isn't.

How Our Products Can Help

Leverage award-winning technology that maximizes the best of automation, optimization, and AI to simplify the complexities of eCommerce through our two products - Channel Gate and Freight Club.

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At Cymax Group, we do the hard work, so you don’t have to.   

How can we help?

  • Access the latest in cloud-based eCommerce technology and leading AI capabilities designed to maximize your ROI

  • Instant integration with 12+ marketplaces

  • Marketplace Management 

  • Content Optimization & Best-in-class Marketing Support

  • Detailed Product Analytics and Marketplace Analysis 

  • Order Management and Fulfilment 

  • Customer Service and Returns Management

  • Access to deep data sets based on 20+ years of consumer behaviour, product performance, and market trends
  • Effortlessly manage everything from quoting, booking, and tracking to complete claims management and shipping protection - all on one platform with zero subscription fees.
  • Leverage B2B and B2C shipping solutions on one dashboard

  • Enterprise rates with no volume requirements

  • Diverse network of pre-vetted carriers

  • Dedicated teams for customer success, service, and claims management for hassle free shipping

  • Best-in-class reporting on your carrier performance

  • Integrate your systems with Freight Club API suite

  • Ship sustainably at no additional cost

Cymax Group tackles some of the industry’s biggest challenges, providing furniture vendors with access to deep data sets on consumer behavior and product performance while offering prescriptive recommendations to optimize ROI in a challenging market. 

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